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Virtual Classroom

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A virtual classroom is a teaching and learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting. The medium is often through a video conferencing application that allows multiple users to be connected at the same time through the Internet, which allows users from virtually anywhere to participate.

The concrete definition of what a virtual classroom is simply that it is an online classroom environment facilitated via specialized video conferencing applications. The participants, of course, include one or multiple instructors and students. However, a classroom or class does not always need an active instructor to supervise students; in this setting, they can proceed at their own pace, with the instructor only around to evaluate the students; sometimes there is no instructor at all. This type of virtual classroom is called an unsupervised virtual classroom, which is characterized by ready-made learning materials that students can follow without the aid of an instructor, essentially a self-paced tutorial course where the exams can be automated after every activity. This is the most common form of virtual classroom, where students just read a PowerPoint presentation or watch a video tutorial. This makes YouTube, by association, the most widely used virtual classroom thus far (even if it is not considered as one).

A virtual classroom has the following advantages:

  • Students are not limited to the courses available in their geography.
  • Learning is more interactive as its nature forces the student's attention

SimTek’s next-generation Learning Management Systems extraordinary software tools; its most modern Virtual Classroom has also turn up with several amazing features. These are essentially vital for flawless synchronous and asynchronous association among instructor and learner.

The web-based HTML5 virtual classroom very adequately swaps the aura of traditional physical classrooms where you can easily access instructor-led live and self-paced recorded sessions. Over and above can take active participation in WebRTC powered face-to-face audio & video conferencing with numerous accessible interactive whiteboards and group screen sharing ability.

The key features have many top-most facilities that virtual classroom consist of:

  • Audio-video hd conference
  • Organized content library
  • Smart interactive whiteboards
  • Session recording & playback
  • Raise hand feature
  • In advance class preparation
  • Unlimited co-presenters
  • Group chat facility
  • File sharing during call

Why choose SimTek virtual classroom among others?

  • HD quality video conferencing
  • Protected live session streaming
  • Server-side video recording
  • Teaching on advanced interactive whiteboards
  • Two-way moderated collaboration
  • Screen sharing during live session
  • Trouble-free class organizing
  • Course insights and analytics
  • On demand API and plug-ins

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