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Virtual Classroom API

Use SimTek Virtual Classroom API to Conduct Live Online Classes with Your Website

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Virtual Classroom API

Virtual Classroom API offers integration with any LMS or CMS such as WordPress.

Virtual Classroom API allow seamless integration across technologies so an integration using technologies like ASP.net MVC, PHP, NodeJS websites or any standard CMS and LMS platform can be undertaken.

SimTek is a fast-growing software company that offers best-in-class E-learning, LMS, Virtual Classroom and API integration offering expert solutions to integrate Virtual Classroom APIs like SimTek Virtual classroom API solution to conduct live classes.

Benefits of API

Simtek provides APIs so its virtual classroom can be integrated across different user interfaces & technologies where managing users, accounts, trainings, webinars, courses, reports & analytics, etc with just a click.

Since APIs are independent of technologies, it can easily be used with any framework, system, application or programming language.

Explorer New API

API Integration needs user to have a proper code developed which can communicate with Simteks API.

Support for integration of API would be provided so that the actions from primary user interface can interact with the endpoints.

This process needs robust script, tool, application or method to be developed to initiate request. Also testing of the API is recommended