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Online Tutoring

Online tutoring software

SimTek LMS is an e-learning platform which helps users to conduct face to face online tutoring almost the way it is done in person. This is a perfect solution for those who wants to switch/start their online tutoring business.



SimTek LMS offers all-in-one solution for tutors to go online with just a click from a new or existing IT infrastructure. SimTek mainly offers a combination of virtual classroom and course builder with few more additional tools that can be used to deliver live online tutoring with personalized experience.

User management

Online teaching platform

User Management tool helps you to manage students in a group or individually. You can enable access anytime you want or make any user inactive any time, change role of attendees as required and also can be used for any type of permissions & restrictions.

Personalized instruction

Teach online class

SimTek Virtual Classroom lets you conduct live sessions with a group or individual. You can also conduct multiple concurrent sessions with all the tutors going live at the same time with their individual Virtual Classroom account.

Reporting and analytics


SimTek offers detailed analytics and reporting feature which can be drilled to from all different per-views. This feature can be accessed at individual level to whole business level


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Complete or partial white-Label solution can be opted, businesses who want to have a tailor made solution for personalized experience can opt for complete white-label solution.

Online tutoring with SimTek online tutoring software

With online tutoring, individual tutors or tutoring companies can expand the horizon of their business by not just being limited to a particular location but go global. In addition to this it can also generate additional revenue as a parallel online business.

SimTek online tutoring software offers you everything at one place

For a new user it is important to work on a platform that is more user friendly and can be worked minimum technical knowledge. SimTek e-learning portal is one of the most easy to use and user-friendly portal that can also be integrated with existing solutions. It can manage all necessary operations and admin work single handedly with ease. SimTek Virtual Classroom offers all the tools you need for conducting seamless sessions at anytime from anywhere. With the white you can use multiple language and symbols which means this platform can be used for tutoring all different subjects. You get an advanced control panel to do all the necessary work with no additional plg-ins.

User management

The user management tool can take care of all the admin tasks this saves time and no use of external spread-sheets.

The enrollment of students for virtual classroom can be managed as you like and can be controlled anytime during a live session. You can add or remove users from a session anytime and also conduct concurrent session with different audiences.

The users added can be designated as presenters, instructors, students, learners, administrators, etc.

You can create permanent sessions with a fixed set of students in-case there is a requirement for conducting regular session with the same users.

The user groups can be changed anytime you want like add new or remove old users based on the requirement.

Deliver live tutoring

SimTek supports all-in-one online tutoring needs, so you just schedule a session and share the invite for others to join even without sign-up.

You can also conducted restricted session by enrolling selected students for any session. You can create one time or recurring sessions. You can conduct multiple concurrent sessions with a single sign-on on the platform.

Private sessions can be created with the list of users in the user-management.

Report and analyze performance

The reporting tool can maintain the attendance, user performance and records in just one system. You can monitor the entire academy, per-view of all sessions, courses, instructors, students and all users. This provides a detailed report. Instructors can further get insights of their student’s performance on assignments, quizzes or lessons.

The administrator can control all different types of accesses, reports, user alignments to instructors, user alignment to courses/sessions.

Brand your online tutoring institute

With the SimTek white label solution you can get your own branding on the portal. This feature can be used by anyone especially recommended for academies. You can have your own domain, get your company logo on the portal.