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LMS Software

LMS Software

Creating online courses has never been so easy, with SimTek LMS you can create unlimited courses very quickly.

SimTek LMS offers self-branding of LMS, all courses are cloud-based where you can deliver online course and sell at the same time with personalized options.

You can manage entire online learning experiences like self-paced courses, quizzes, recorded lessons, live session, Instructor led sessions with SimTek LMS

Deliver live classes


SimTek’s Virtual Classroom provides HD streaming, recording and playback option for all the live sessions, webinars, etc.

Manage content

Teach online class

You can store and manage content on the library with anytime anywhere access. This helps you connect from any device and deliver lessons to anyone globally.

Provide m-learning

Online teaching platform

SimTek LMS lets you deliver courses with your audiences on any device, your students can take the lessons even on mobile phones.

Offload admin


You can reduce admin work by automating user permissions to session scheduling, session attendance, monitoring and reporting.

Choose white-labeling

what does lms mean

SimTek offer complete white label solution, API integration and self-branding of the portal.

Get an integrated brandable SaaS learning management system

Deliver online lesson by creating self-paced course that keeps your audiences engaged. With SimTek LMS you not only take care basic tasks but at the same time take care of supporting roles like course management, online lessons delivery, content management, analysis, reporting, etc. in other words with this is kind of portal its takes the e-learning experience to next-level than just offer online teaching. SimTek offers set of necessary tools which not only lets you do what you offer in terms of online learning material but helps you create a personalized experience among your students while they go through your online learning program. The SaaS LMS consists of all the e-learning tools which can take care of the online training takes with just one integrated platform with no extra setup or technical tools or plug-ins, all this with just one registration

What is an LMS software?

A Learning Management system is a software that enables management, administration, creation, reporting, training, delivery of e-learning. SimTek provide cloud-based online learning platform known as SimTek LMS which helps you conduct trainings anytime anywhere across devices. Use of SimTek LMS reduces effort, admin work, course creation time, content management work and administration work. All learning and management aspects can be easily taken care with the use of SimTek LMS.

Seamless live learning in virtual classroom

SimTek Virtual Classroom can be used to conduct live sessions, meeting and Webinars. SimTek offers user friendly and high definition world class Virtual Classroom with just a click.

You can schedule and deliver unlimited sessions, at the same time manage multiple session types with multiple audiences. SimTek Virtual Classroom is a cloud-based real-time conferencing tool which don’t need any application installation. You can go live with just a click and have other just with just a click from any part of the globe.

SimTek Virtual Classroom comes integrated with an advanced white board which can accommodate any language and symbols support, you can upload images from the cloud-based content library or PC on the white board with just a click. The white comes with multiple tools that can be used for teaching any subject using any symbols. The white board also lets you take snapshots of the white-board content and save it to the content library or to the PC.

The user list lets the presenter control media devices of the attendees or even remove anytime from the session. This user list tool also consists of granting attendee access to share their screen or act as a presenter which is a helpful feature for any conference or interactive training sessions.

The control panel on the white-board screen consists of multiple tools like screen-share, live timer, share content from library, share a you-tube link, etc.

All in all, the virtual classroom can be use to conduct HD conferencing, record and playback.

Anytime anywhere learning

The session can use conducted across devices anytime anywhere with just a click.You can deliver sessions and join from any mobile device, that helps you be independent of any device and place. Students can access session or lesson on their mobile while on the go.

You can send or receive notifications for the sessions, create courses, conduct live sessions, create or manage quizzes with just a tap on your mobile device.

The multiple audio/video feed let’s all the attendees of the session interact with each other. As an extended tool there is an option to chat in a group or private too.

Integrated cloud storage

SimTek offers cloud-based Content Library which can be used for storing files that can be recalled anytime from any device, this makes your training experience independent of any device or place.

You can upload files from any computer or other storage on the cloud storage, this supports any format whether images, audio files, video files, pdf, ppt, etc.

You can share the content on the cloud storage with your students/attendees while you’re in a session or create course or manage a quiz.

You need to store video lessons just once on the cloud and make it a part of multiple courses or sessions with out wasting more storage with same course content. With just a click you upload the content on cloud and recall/share with just another click.

Give your branding to your eLearning portal

The whiteboard can let you write any language or symbols, which makes SimTek Virtual Classroom standout with the competition. A white labeled solution can show your brand and this makes it more personalized experience with users of other languages as you are not just limited to English. You can choose your own logo, color, background, additional features for multiple camera streaming, personalized user interface or tailor made solution as per the user requirements.