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Extended Enterprice Learning

Extended Enterprice Learning

Simtek provides enterprises/organization to build and host multiple enterprise portals for their different business areas be it for learning, web conferencing, hosting contents etc. Portals hosted can be white labeled with their own enterprise, organization name.

Keep your partners engaged, aligned with your brand

SimTek LMS provides high-end easy to use e-learning platform that can be used to train and engage your users creating a personalized user experience that ensure enhanced learning experience to your users.

Delegate administration, while controlling content

SimTek’s User management tool lets to customize the access to any content, all the permissions and restrictions can be controlled via one simple tool. Further to this it also lets to play with changing roles when necessary even keep users active/inactive as required.

Open new revenue streams

While you create content for your users you can also make it as a paid content where your revenue stream is further enlarged. This can be done easily by a payment gateway system integration.

Set up multiple custom domains

With SimTek you can setup multiple systems like CRM, HRM, web-portal, website, etc easily with the help of API integration. All this can be managed easily even with multiple authentications, groups or domains.

Secure access with multiple Single Sign On (SSO) authentication methods

Single Sign on (SSO) feature that lets your users have multiple accesses with just one sign-in, this creates an amazing user experience and saves time & effort at the same time.

Create custom branded portals

With SimTek you have an option of full white label solution, co-branding or re-branding of the portal as desired. This builds an immense confidence in your users.