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Learning Management System

SimTek is the world's easiest to use Learning Management System

For training professionals who need a trusted vendor with deep domain expertise, SimTek by AWS Cloud provides a cloud-based learning management solution (LMS) that unifies virtual classroom, mobile, social and eCommerce capabilities in a single, secure, and scalable platform that can meet any organization's training needs.

With SimTek LMS, you can engage learners anytime through native apps for Android and iOS, extend your ecosystem by using pre-packaged connectors and REST APIs, and protect your data through enterprise-grade security.

SimTek LMS is used for employee training, customer training, compliance training, and partner training.

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Make Employee Training More Effective

If you oversee employee training for your organization, you know how time consuming it can be for you and your employees. Your organization’s managers may also cringe at the thought of pulling their teams away from their normal work for classroom style training that costs money and valuable time. Big or small, agile or slow, your company will find some real benefits to a learning management system (LMS).

Learning Management System for Customer Training

Do you have a terrific new product or service? Do your customers and accounts need some training so they can get the most benefit out of what you sell? Are time and resources limited in your customers’ organizations? Take a look at some of the ways the SimTek LMS will help you add value to your products.

Learning Management System for Compliance Training

If you operate in a heavily regulated industry or a company in which safety is a huge concern, finding a secure learning management system is going to be essential to you and your organization. As much as some learners may not appreciate it, training managers know how important it is to get people trained on compliance, health and safety matters. Your company's reputation, liability, and even bottom line can be affected by how well your learners are trained. One of the easiest ways to get compliance training to your learners is by implementing a learning management system (LMS). Applying a learning platform can help you achieve greater compliance training completion rates and easily track the progress of your learners to prove just how compliant your organization is.

Learning Management System for Channel Training

Distributing a product through a large channel network can be great for sales, but with so many people representing your company, it can be difficult to maintain your brand image. How do you ensure everyone in the channel is properly trained on your product? How do you know they have the same knowledge as your own employees? A learning management system (LMS) can make your life easier and keep your partners fully up to speed.