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Customer Training


Simtek believes in extending hands-on training to its customers for a positive user experience and its user-friendly interface retains customers confidence.

Simtek Provides dedicated training hands-on training to optimize usage and reduce support tickets.

Improve productivity and innovation

Extensive training adds further productive activities by the customers and lets an innovative atmosphere at the time of releasing product updates. Effective training ensures smooth portal operation.

Help them meet business objectives

Simtek provides extensive training material to it’s customers, all the required information about the product, functionalities and services that it can accommodate which most importantly ensures meeting their business objectives.

Establish a new recurring revenue stream

Timely Customer training leads to positive experience and loyalty which increase revenue. Lets’ retain existing customer and add new customers with a good promotor score.


Simtek LMS offers white label solution option to it’s customers, this helps have your own branding and a personalized training atmosphere. White label solution is a multidomain feature to technically rebrand the learning platform.


LMS lets user share the course material easily and quick to a larger audience. The efficacy and efficiency of the content delivery optimizes with the use of SimTek LMS platform.


Customer Training can be done either as group or self-paced based on the user preference. Lessons can be planned as live sessions using virtual classroom or self-paced LMS courses.


One of the most important features of SimTek’ is reporting analytics, which help measure all the activities & progress of end-user. The insights of activities help the user create a strong e-learning experience with it’s users.

Onboard, train and retain your customers online with WizIQ customer training software

Simtek’s e-learning platform helps user on-board, train and retain customers. User can integrate the platform for all types of online trainings.

Build training courses

SimTek LMS helps to create Online courses which can be live or self-paced based on the user preference.

Deliver and monitor learning

SimTek virtual classroom can be used to schedule and conduct live trainings, workshops and webinars.

Create certifications

User can have certifications for the free or paid courses offered through their virtual training platform.

Integrate with your LMS

SimTek’ API integration is a solution to add virtual conferencing feature to your existing web-portal, CMS, LMS or system.

Deliver eLearning via self-paced video tutorials

SimTek LMS lets users build courses with video-based content with ease. Permissions and Restrictions feature lets desired user assignment. The video based content can be used anytime anywhere on any compatible device.

Deliver live customer training workshops

User management tool ensures easy and hassle free onboarding experience and create a personalized atmosphere. SimTek’s virtual conferencing tool let you conduct trainings, meetings, webinars, etc. where you not only train users across the globe but also offer personalized onboarding experience.

Fast-track software implementation

SimTek LMS is a cloud based e-learning platform.

SimTek LMS course builder helps you create courses, manage course and conduct training with the help of customized access to users for any particular course.

The cloud based content library lets the user save any file format as handy for any courses, lessons or sessions. This is helpful in initiating a live training, creating a course from any device what you all need is just the user login.

SimTek’ API integration feature lets you use this platform as a tailor made solution to your existing website, CRM, portal, etc and get started with your own branding.

Create and manage multiple courses

Creating and managing courses have never been so easy where you just start creating a course and also tailor it based on with module or with out module.

Further to this you can create multiple courses with multiple modules, simultaneously have multiple assignments and quizzes for any lesson. In other words you can create unlimited course with unlimited content, assignments and quizzes and give access to your users as you like.

Automate training administration

SimTek lets you create permanent sessions in case you have same set of individuals for any particular meeting, lesson or session. The permanent session saves time on user assignment and this can be joined any time from any device by the authorized set of individuals. When adding users, you can assign different roles to individuals, there are options to make role changes as and when needed.