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SimTek LMS

SimTek is the world's easiest to use Learning Management System

All your enterprise LMS trainings can be designed dynamically using Simtek’s platform fulfilling all e- learning customers and enterprises. Resulting in most effective and optimum utilization of courses, training sessions utilizing virtual class room software.

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Create Beautiful Experience

Simtek LMS platform is secured, smart and dynamic. Both users and administrators have the privilege to customize and design their interfaces to their likes and needs with a little support from Simtek’s LMS team. Users and administrators do not require any technical skills to create their own unlimited pages and uploading contents. Simtek LMS platform not only helps customers in improving customer retention but also speeds up the business expansion and growth.

Slash Admin Tasks by Automating Them

Simtek LMS has made user enrollment easier and seamless. Administrators can save ample time spend earlier in user management.

Improved Visibility Produces Better Teams

Our Simtek Enterprise LMS encourages continuous education. Doing this creates e-learning opportunities to each and every team member of our LMS customer’s. CEO’s, VP’s, Director’s managers can design e-learning courses and develop carrier paths for their macro to micro level teams. Resulting in overall organization development.

Stay aligned with what your workforce is doing each and every day

Dynamic enterprises can always stay connected with their teams using Simtek’s Virtual classroom tool. Timely witnessing and addressing the issue would not only saves cost but improves the product or work quality. Using Simtek LMS dashboards managers/ team leads can monitor their team progress of each course.

Massive actions reduce the time it takes to get training programs up and running

Simtek’s times saving key feature enables users/admins to easy and seamless user online course creation. High time saving in using administrative time

Scale to Match The Pace of Growth

Simtek’s offers the latest LMS’s tools such as dynamic LMS, Virtual classroom, White board, Social media connectivity (Rasheed to add the missing names of tools) . All these tools capable to fit to any size of organization from small, medium and large organizations training system.

Use Integrations and APIs to Enhance Your Learning Platform

Simtek offers prebuild large number of Application program interfaces (API’s). Enterprises and organizations can effortlessly plug these prebuild API’s to integrate any of their existing applications.